The Moulin-à-Vent AOC

The Moulin-à-Vent appellation is located at the southernmost tip of Burgundy, 12 kilometers South of the city of Mâcon. It stands on the 5th meridian, hosting some of the greatest terroirs in France, including (from North to South) the vineyards of Champagne, Burgundy, Beaujolais and Rhône. In the middle of this 600 km segment, a block of 630 hectares of vineyard (1,550 acres) surrounds the windmill and its adjoining château. The Gamay-planted plots flourish over a mosaic of terroirs located between 160 and 400 meters above sea level, between the village of Romanèche-Thorins and the banks of the Saône to the east, and the mounts of Beaujolais to the west.
Its complex soils are the result of the collision between the Jurassic limestones of Burgundy and granite from the center of France. Moulin-à-Vent gathers soils of real diversity over a limited area. The appellation also benefits from unique environment and soils in Beaujolais.

/ Beneficial winds /

The mill was built in the 15th century, when both vines and cereals were grown in 'Les Thorins'. Its presence highlights regular and powerful winds, which foster the vineyard's optimal health status and dry the berries, thus participating in the juices' concentration.

/ An original geology /
Romanèche-Thorins was built and developed around a mine during the second half of the 19th century. Until 1911, large quantities of mangenese were extracted from this mine. Manganese is an essential element for the production of stainless steel. This combination of metal oxides gives Moulin-à-Vent an exceptional geology.

/ A mosaic of terroirs /
The 630 hectares of the appellation claim 69 "lieux-dits", where differences in things like granite sands, exposure to the winds, iron oxides, in-depth clays, superficial silica, etc. can be found.


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