The wine estate

The vineyard of Château du Moulin-à-Vent is composed of more than 120 plots, spread around the Château, the windmill and the hamlet of 'Les Thorins'. It consists of 30 hectares (75 acres) of vines, exclusively on the Moulin-à-Vent appellation. 'Le Champ de Cour', 'Les Thorins', 'Les Vérillats' and 'La Rochelle' are only parts of the Grand Crus that make up the exceptional heritage of the domain. Our family and Brice Laffond, technical director of the domain, nourish the ambition to produce pure, long-lasting wines, which are true reflections of their original terroirs.

Viticulture is organically managed, with a natural soil amendment and absolutely zero use of insecticides. An annual tillage program guarantees deep rooting of the vines and the aerations of the substrates to allow the vineyard to take advantage of its terroir. Trellised plots are monitored according to weather forecasts to maximize leaf exposure and photosynthesis.

Harversting is done manually and in small containers, to avoid berries being crushed and any oxidation of juice. On average 80 people are involved, which allows us to close the harvest in 6 days, and to focus on the berries' optimal maturity. The Gamay, in very high density (up to 12,500 feet per hectare) in this healthy environment, offers low yields: between 16 and 35 Hl/Ha since the 2009 vintage. The annual production of the domain is about 90,000 bottles, for 5 major cuvées: the Couvent des Thorins, the Château du Moulin-à-Vent and the three single vineyards  'les Vérillats', 'le Champ de Cour' and 'la Rochelle'.

In the cellar, each process is adapted according to the richness and the concentration of the fruits and their terroir of origin: the use of a destemming machine or the vinification in whole bunches, the duration of the macerations, the number and the rhythm of pump over / punch down. The vinifications are carried out in tanks of small volumes, in particular for the single vineyards cuvées, followed by a hand-tailored ageing.


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